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CoolBeez is a unique platform aggregating catalogs of of the largest online book shops in this country and the world. Here you can share book recommendations with your friends, get rewards, exchange them for new books and good deeds by donating to charity.

Review stars in online book ratings are not the best criteria for choosing literature. What’s good for most is not necessarily best for you. Our platform helps you to follow your own interests and preferences and share them with friends.


How CoolBeez works

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CoolBeez - literary help for everyone

Our service will save you from drowning in the the sea of books. Don’t waste time on online book ratings and ads - instead, you can:

Search and recommend books on your smartphone

Share requests and recommendations in social networks, messengers, and CoolBeez.

Share recommendations publicly or privately

Recommendations can be viewed only by those for whom they were created, or by all CoolBeez users.

Get rewards for recommendations

CoolBeez users get rewards for successful recommendations, that can be used for buying books or charity.

How CoolBeez works

Shared a book - did good

Find books that are interesting to you and receive rewards for recommendations. Turn your reward points into benefits by exchanging them for new books. If you feel like donating to charity, you can do it too. And, a percentage of any purchase will be automatically donated to charity by the platform - by using CoolBeez, you always do good deeds.


Read and recommend

On one site, buy books recommended by your friends from catalogs of Amazon, Labirint, and LitRes, and other popular online shops. Share new reads and bestsellers in messengers and social networks. Read and recommend!


CoolBeez is a platform where you can create and find individual recommendations for fast and quality-driven purchase decisions on a variety of goods and services.

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