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CoolBeez Word of Mouth Super-Referral App
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CoolBeez is the 1:1 referral program that helps your best customers do what they already do naturally — share their favorite products with family and friends.

More sales without more work? Yes, please!

What is CoolBeez?

CoolBeez is a 1:1 friend referral program that makes it simple for your customers to share their favorite products with family and friends.

Not only do 92% of people trust recommendations, but shoppers also want to contribute to a good cause. A recent Fidelity Management study shows 74% of millennials consider themselves philanthropic.

CoolBeez makes it easy for shop owners to tap into this philanthropic sentiment.

Imagine, you can create that feel-good positive energy for your customers AND make it easy for them to recommend specific products so you make more sales.

The problem with most referral programs is they send people to your website rather than the product. This can be confusing and confused people don’t buy.

With CoolBeez your customers can share a direct product link in one click, right from their mobile device. It’s fast and easy to use.

When the friend clicks the link and buys, your shop makes a new sale. Your original customer can choose from a discount code or donate their “thank you” fee to a nonprofit.

It's a perfect match for today’s socially aware shoppers and eCommerce owners who want to make more sales and enhance their customer experience.

“thank you”

Why CoolBeez?

Increase Sales

Easy Set up

Be in Control

Increase Sales

You can harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing and amplify it with cause marketing.

Attract new customers by promoting your shop to hundreds of thousands of philanthropic-minded shoppers.

It’s simple.

Subscribe to a CoolBeez “Give Back” plan and your shop will appear in front of customers who follow hundreds of non-profit organizations. They’re philanthropic consumers, your shop offers a philanthropic give-back when they buy. It’s a win-win.

Easy Set up

Set up an automated system in minutes

Full Control of Your Customer’s Privacy

CoolBeez does not store your customer’s personal information like email addresses or phone numbers. CoolBeez is GDPR compliant.


How it Works:

The CoolBeez friend referral program is easy to use. Set it up in just a few minutes and it’s done. You’ll see increased traffic, more orders, and improve your customer engagement.

CoolBeez is 100% no risk. You pay a 5% commission only in the free starter plan when there are new orders from the referral link. Other levels offer additional visibility to nonprofit followers. That way, you have more opportunities to increase sales.

Are you ready to make more sales?

Step 1

Install the app

Install the app

Step 2

Customize email

Customize email communication templates with your branding, logo, text, etc. and activate your automatic email sequence.

Step 3

Check your
referral reports

Check your referral reports. You’ll see a boost in sales and customers.



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