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Марина Мантлер


Марина Мантлер


Sphere by Dave Eggers

At first, I’ll go over a bit of the book’s plot to make it clear what this is about. One dude appeared in the world, who decided that one user had too many online accounts, and this was not rational. We must bring it all together. This is how the “Autent...

"Beach" Alex Garland

For a record, for such a volume of the book, the time has read the "Beach" of Alex Garland. I have already told that “The Beach” with Leo DiCaprio is my favorite movie, and I wanted to read the book a long time ago, but it was periodically banned, so it...

"SNUFF" Victor Pelevin

Everybody loves Pelevin and almost all of his bibliography, but I once read “Generation P” a long time ago, on my last birthday I stopped dizzy with admiration, reading “Numbers”, and now I feel a gamut of completely different emotions after reading this...

"1984" George Orwell

I read the novel "1984" by George Orwell. I wonder how many people know this dystopia from a quote about Big Brother's widespread surveillance, and who has read and remembers this entire work well? The second half is hell. The realism of violence and the...


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