Move the alarm clock!

Today I want to talk about the book, which many undeservedly scolded - "Magic of the morning." They scold for the presence of a large number of repetitions and water, ostensibly the whole book is chased by the same thesis - "Whoever gets up early, God g...

Classic psychology in an accessible form.

The mysterious world of psychology attracts many people with its inaccessibility and mystery. After all, everyone wants to know a little more about the people who surround him and understand what mechanisms human behavior is controlled. However, psycholo...

A life you don't want to know about.

This is one of the scariest books I've read in my life. I took the reading after seeing this book in the list for reading a blogger who was very respected by me and who was considering the topic of toxic parents. The blog said that this book is tough, bu...

Guide to finding the meaning of life.

Books on self-development are very different: simple and complex, ordering and friendly, carrying frank nonsense and important. "Flow. The state of optimal experience" is an important book. And the more acute the question of vocation for you, the more im...


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