The story of Dilvish the Damned and his travels.

From my point of view, Robert Zelazny has two lines of works - sound science fiction and cute, cool, intelligent fantasy tales. I refer the book about Dilvish Damned to the second category. What can I say about this book? The work is quite worthy of its...

Cycle "Three from the forest."

Yuri Nikitin's cycle "Three from the Forest" is a worthy example of Russian fantasy. The history of 25 books long begins in ancient times, in the time of the people of Neurov. Young men are preparing for the rite of initiation into hunters and those who...

Iskrometana satire Terry Pratchett

If you opened my electronic library and got acquainted with it, then, most likely, you would characterize it as serious. There are many books on history, culture, science, and philosophy. Quite a lot of academic work. A bit of fantasy "with character" (f...

Dialogues about power and insult for it.

Dmitry Puchkov is known to most Russians under the pseudonym Goblin. It was his ridiculous (and not so) translations of "The Lord of the Rings", "The Matrix", Tarantino's films and much more that gained frenzied popular fame in its time. Actually, the Go...


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