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Anna Kulagina


"Monk" (Dydro)

"Nun" - one of the works of classical French literature, released from the pen of the philosopher and educator Denis Diderot. This story raises the problems of society, characteristic of that time, and is an excellent example of anti-religious propaganda...

The price of the American dream.

I believe that "Sister Kerry" - undeservedly deprived of attention by the work of Dreiser. It so happened that everyone reads “Financier” from Dreiser and, in the first place, associates the author with him. But "Sister Kerry" is no less good. This po...

With a story, jokes are bad.

The topic of intervention in the historical process and the consequences thereafter is relevant since the time of the great Bradbury. One of the most beautiful variations on this topic is proposed in Stephen Fry's book How to Make History. Before you ta...

Collector (D.Fauzl)

The Collector is another brilliant novel by John Fowles. The novel is quite famous and many begin to get acquainted with Fowles from him. The book tells the story of the abduction of a girl Miranda by a man in love with her. The events are presented t...

EE Schmitt. "Oscar and the pink lady".

There are things to read and think unbearable. For me, one of these topics is the topic of childhood illness. As I do not try, I can’t take it calmly - it’s too scary. Therefore, for a long time I could not start reading "Oscar and the Pink Lady" - I kne...


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