My impressions of the "girl in the train."

What can be capable of three women who are not quite friendly with the head and are waiting for something from the same man? At least to create a plot for an excellent detective story! The basis of this book is, so to speak, the story of a love square,...

The story of a pseudo-woman.

What could be more delicious than a criminal story about a sophisticated maniac? - A story about a sophisticated maniac based on real events. For me personally, such books are sneaking to the bone, so you live quietly for yourself, go to work and at the...

Detective puzzle from Ray Bradbury.

This is one of those books that, after reading it, leaves the question: what was it all about? Because she does not give any understanding at the end. All the time reading you seem to be assembling a puzzle. You collect, you collect, and now you seemingl...

Classic English detective.

Many are biased in classical prose, believing that it will be boring. And oh how vain! The refinement of the syllable of classical literature, completely different concepts of education and morality, the circumstances of other eras - a combination of all...


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