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Иван Попов


Going Postal. Letter for you.

I have such a habit, or even fear - it is incredulous about everything that is popular and famous. Music, movies and, of course, books. I can not, rush into the pool with my head just because the work is being touted and much is mentioned about it. Rather...

Three Wishes

Australian writer Liana Moriarty is widely known for book lovers around the world. Her novels diverge in millions of copies, and some become the plot for the series. "Three Wishes" - the author's debut work. But she is not inferior to the sensational “Th...

The Little Book of Hygge

The book is very popular all over the world. She found a huge amount of positive feedback from readers and reviews of the most authoritative world publications. In 2016, the world exploded, because he discovered the "hygge". How you understand this word...

The Fault in Our Stars

Another bestseller from John Green, which makes a new look at life and believe in the almighty power of love. A love that can conquer all. The book "To blame the stars" just burst into the heads and hearts of readers, turning everything upside down, and...

Me Before You

“I Am Up to You” is a book that opens the door to the world of feelings. In a world where nothing is impossible, in a world that defies logic and explanation, in a world ruled by feelings, not thoughts. Lou Clark knows a lot. She knows exactly the num...


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