Tolkien Calendar 2019

Tolkien ... With his name, the heart of fantasy lovers around the world freezes. His surname became a household word and called a whole cult of "Tolkienists." His stories have become the semblance of religion for the most loyal fans, and the adaptation o...

The Monk of Mokha

The author Dave Iggers, known for his bestseller The Circle, gives us another exciting story that does not let the reader go from the first to the very last page. The book suddenly won the love of readers and acquired positive reviews from critics. In...

The House of Twenty Thousand Books

“The House of Twenty Thousand Books” is an illustrated work about one of the most outstanding bibliophiles and thinkers of the last century - Chimene Abramsky. The book is written by his grandson Sasha Abramsky. Chimen, being an atheist, was the son o...

David Bowie Is

This is the first book that was not written according to rumors and versions, but according to facts and documents. Here are comments and memories of people close to Bowie. The author for the first time gained access to personal archives and documents of...

Milk and Honey

“Milk and Honey” is not just a book, a collection of poems, or something else. This is a window to the light world. A window that expands the consciousness and gives new, bright and, most importantly, positive emotions, in those situations when it would...

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