Wall and Piece by Banksy

Wall and Piece by Banksy is the collection of the most wanted street graffiti artist in Britain. Who is he A genius, an artist, a politician or a puppet, an activist, or just a person who is not indifferent. His work adorns residential buildings, museums...

The Three-Body Problem

Ye Wenjie bears witness to the brutal beating that occurred during the time of the cultural revolution in China. This is not the most unusual event will form not only the rest of the life of the witness, but also the future of all mankind. Four decades l...

The Hunger Games Trilogy Classic Box Set

"Hunger Games" - one of the most popular and sensational books of recent years. This work by popularity is on a par with "Twilight" and "50 shades of gray", and, like the latter, received her adaptation, the main role in which, played Jennifer Lawrence....

Relentless. From Good to Great to Unstoppable

The book by Tim Grover, coach of such legends as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyne Wade and other famous athletes, will tell readers how to achieve complete mental and physical control over themselves and become first among the best, to become a legend....

Make Time. How to focus on what matters every day

About this work, Charles Duigigg said: "If you want to achieve more, read this book." Jake Knapp, the author of the book, in an accessible and understandable language describes our life, which for the most part consists of useless actions and actions tha...

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