List of Recommendations


For fans of dystopia and insects

Cool book in a solar cover (perfect for a beautiful photo with a suitcase). At the same time, it contains the story of the Handmaid's Tale and the Hunger Games, the workers (read — slaves) and the queen in the beehive are only in the center of attention....   Read more

For lovers of irony and travel

A collection of very funny essays by a famous Italian professor and writer. It is a master class on good-natured banter over the most neglected events. Eco talks about his trips, funny and not so adventures in his native Italy, and shows readers a cheerf...   Read more

For those who love gastrotura

You will simply languish while reading, if there is not at least something edible at hand. So amazingly describe the food, the process of its preparation and absorption can only Peter Mail. I don’t recommend watching movies on his books - they aren’t app...   Read more


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