Petrovs in the flu and around


by Sayonara

18 Oct 2018

Roman Alexei Salnikov "Petrov in the flu and around him" is included in the popular series "Cool reading", but if you have not read past books from this series - you should not be upset. This novel is quite original and finished, but this does not prevent him from being part of one of the most popular series of novels from modern writers.

Starting to read the work, waiting for something unusual, because it is advertised almost like a brand new fruit phone. The words of praise to the book are heard from everything that has a speaker. Other devices are trying to use Morse code in order to convey the idea of ​​the greatness of the book to readers. Therefore, one involuntarily expects something extraordinary from the work. But starting to read, there is a slight bewilderment. Thoughts of an ordinary person about an ordinary city. A muddled stream of consciousness in the temperature of delirium, which does not want to be linked in the whole picture. But the ending is overwhelming. All obscure signs and events of everyday life are connected in a slender chain. Yes, so smoothly that you involuntarily return to the read chapters and check. The book is really amazing, and to remain indifferent to it is simply impossible.


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