Grand-world tale of Cinderella.

What not to say, but the inscrutable ways of men. Take, for example, the three heroines of Jane Austen’s beautiful Mansfield Park. One of them was destined to marry an aristocrat, the second to a clergyman, and the third to tie the knot with a poor and absolutely unpromising sailor. But the story that is told in "Mansfield Park" is not so much about them, but about their children.
The book is written very “according to Austinovsky” and there is everything that its readers are used to - aristocracy, denunciation of idleness and high life, arguments about the concepts of false benefactors and real morality. There is also a love line here, although in comparison with "Pride and Prejudice" is far from being so bright and catchy. The characters here are ambiguous and I would not be able to call any of them completely positive. Nabokov once compared “Mansfield Park” with a fairy tale about Cinderella and some similarity is definitely present.
In general, the novel, though not demolishing the reader, but leaves behind a good impression. That's what Jane Austen is :)


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