Bloody meridian


by Cai

18 Oct 2018

“The Bloody Meridian, or Sunset Purple in the West” is a work by which Cormac McCarthy became known not only to literary critics, but also to the general public. It was this novel that made the author fall in love with many millions of readers around the world. And thanks to him, the inimitable style and style of the author received world fame and recognition. The author is also known for other works, for example, “Old men are not the place”. The adaptation of this book by the Cohen brothers received four Oscars. Or "The Road", which has collected a huge number of literary awards. Well, and do not forget about "Horses, Horses ...", starring the film adaptation of which was filmed by Matt Damon and Penelope Cruz. But today we will talk about the work with which it all began, about that very “Meridian”.

Imagine the 19th century American-Mexican border. The time when, at the peak of popularity, trade was nothing more than human scalps. Now add the usual fourteen-year-old there and think what can come of it. Blood, deserts, heat, stench of cheap alcohol and corpses. All this is in abundance in this novel. And who is to blame for the creative orgy? Whoever pays for all this, or those who are ready to break all the laws, both human and God, for a couple of coins?


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