Everything you wanted to know about the body.

Today I have on my agenda the coolest books from the series “Sensation in Medicine”. At the moment there are four of them: about the skin, the heart, the intestines, and that very, intimate, feminine place. I decided to write a review for the series because so many people read only one book of it, and unfairly deprive others of attention. So they become bestsellers - alone.

But all four books are very healthy and I would advise them to read them in a series - so you can get maximum knowledge about your body and better understand and feel it. All books in the series have common features:

- Books are written by people competent in the field they are talking about;
- Each book is devoted to one specific topic;
- Well, there are a lot of interesting facts and tips that can be applied in life;
- Authors write very easily and clearly;
- The manner of the narrative is not devoid of a sense of humor;
- There are funny illustrations.

I really liked these books - I consider nonfiction to be very useful literature enriching a person. And when it is in such a form, to enrich with knowledge is a pleasure. Read, you will not regret.


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