Women who love too much


by Olesya

25 Dec 2018

See the truth and take it.

The text will be about the book. Therefore, if reading interests you a little, leaf through the tape further.

I enjoy reading. I read a lot, with enthusiasm and not limiting myself to any one genre or theme. Historical literature, combat fantasy, detectives, horrors, children's books, whatever - a vigorous mix. The choice of books depends on my mood or where my thoughts are currently roaming.
The only area of literature that I carefully avoid is psychology. There are personal reasons for this. I will say this, when there is a tradition in the family to analyze everything that happens in life, an allergy develops in psychology.
But, through the efforts of my good friend, who, on the pull of six months, from time to time delicately recommended reading the book, she came into my hands.

Now about personal impressions. The first chapters 4, I roared. Choking tears. With howling and other awesome attributes of hysterical.
The following chapters, I swear. Sometimes loudly out loud. Sometimes throwing away a book. The apogee of this period became the cries into the sky: "I, what, bl &, is that true ???".
And then came othodnyak and depression for several weeks.

The book snapped terribly painfully on the nose. I am such a wonderful, unique, inimitable, with a bunch of carefully selected and cherished problems and reactions to the difficulties that arise, I suddenly find myself on the pages of this book. In the form of a graph. In the form of statistical analysis. With pattern phrases and even worse - with patterned thoughts.
I will try without spoilers: the book describes the situation, describes the thoughts that arise in the heads of the defendants, the reaction of these people and the reasons for just such actions.

Despite the fact that the book is written about women and especially for women, I recommend it for reading to ALL. In the list of required literature.


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