Truth on a razor blade.


by SmirnovaN

24 Jul 2018

Some novels require a special approach from their readers. They can never be swallowed, they need to be slowly and thoughtfully absorbed, plunging into the meaning behind each line. "Razor Blade" is just such a novel, not tolerating vanity and superficial perception.
This work of Efremov can be attributed to the genre of science fiction or adventure novel. Elements of both the first and second genres in it are undoubtedly there. But in fact, behind the cover of this book hides the most genuine philosophical treatise, raising the concept of spiritual growth, beauty and justice. It is about the most elusive harmony of life, which is located between the extremes, on the razor's edge.
The author's syllable is just a balm for the soul - simple, soft, erudite. In such a performance, complex, philosophical questions become surprisingly "hospitable" - they do not repel the reader, but invite him to ponder. And for this in the book there are many reasons.
An amazing, beautiful, enriching reader book! Highly recommend!


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