by Sayonara

18 Oct 2018

Gilian Flynn is a writer who has won worldwide recognition and love in the blink of an eye. The author, for all the works of which, the rights to the film version are acquired. And “Disappeared” is one of the main book sensations of recent years. The release of her story on the screen did not take long. And the main role in the film adaptation was played by Ben Affleck.

The narrative begins on the day of the five-year wedding anniversary of Nick and Amy. Everything was ready for the celebration, but at one moment the hero of the occasion disappeared. There is no mysticism, there is an ordinary abduction. But who could do it, and who could, in principle, need it. The only clues of the investigation are some kind of “keys” for the game “treasure hunt”, in which the couple played every anniversary of their wedding. It is on these tracks that we will have to unravel the incredibly difficult case, during which the victims can become accused.


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