Brief Answers to the Big Questions


by K1ro

18 Oct 2018

"A beautiful book of a brilliant mind." These words describe the latest work of Stephen Hawking journalist DAILY TELEGRAPH. “Simple Answers to Difficult Questions” became a truly global bestseller and once again made sure of the genius of Stephen. In this book, the brilliant theoretical physicist and cosmologist Hawking shares his thoughts and answers to the biggest and most complex questions of all mankind.

“Is there a god? What was at the very beginning of creation? What is inside black holes? How do we influence the future? What is time? ”- all these and many other questions are addressed in this book. One of the most brilliant minds in the history of mankind, talks about everything. He conveys to each of us the most difficult things in a surprisingly simple and understandable even to a child language. Hawking books are not textbooks or even encyclopedias. This is something more - this is the knowledge that everyone should absorb. And during his lifetime, the author did for this all that was in his power.


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