Ann Patchett presented the world one of the most interesting and unusual detective stories. Belcanto (a technique of virtuoso singing, which is characterized by a smooth transition from sound to sound) tells a very prosaic story. Business, hostage taking, coup d'état, all this has little to do with the beautiful. But, it is worth adding music, and before us is a completely different story.

The book begins very mundanely. There is a successful Japanese businessman Hosakawa, there is a small state that wants to cooperate with the magnate, and, naturally, there are opponents of the regime who decide to take the president hostage at a reception organized in honor of the arrival of the eminent Japanese. But it is worth adding here an opera diva, which was supposed to soften the rich and incline him to sign a contract, as the story takes a completely different turn. This is not an ordinary story about the taking of hostages, of which there are thousands. This is a book about everything: religion, international relations and, of course, love.

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