Never forget: ordinary pumpkins are always forgotten.

Every day all the companies of the world are asking the same question: how to increase profits? To achieve this goal, they resort to various methods - endlessly increasing their customer base, launching new products and services on the market, etc. etc. The “Pumpkin Method” invites us to try one of the approaches to achieving the same cherished goal, and this approach is to focus on quality. The quality of the product and the quality of the customers themselves.

If you talk very briefly, "Pumpkin Method" about how to find your niche, your target audience and satisfy its needs as much as possible, in the process getting rid of everything superfluous. This book, unfortunately, will not give anything to experienced salespeople and entrepreneurs. But for those who are thinking about how to open their business can be very useful. The book is small, written with humor, and therefore read simply, contains useful cases. In general - a good and easy reason to start thinking in the right direction. I advise.


CoolBeez is a platform where you can create and find individual recommendations for fast and quality-driven purchase decisions on a variety of goods and services.

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