Why We Sleep. The New Science of Sleep and Dreams


by K1ro

28 Oct 2018

The book became a bestseller and received the most positive reviews from critics and many celebrities around the world.

Professor Matthew Walker, having behind him the results of twenty years of research and observation, shares with the readers his conclusions and his conclusions on the subject of sleep. According to the author, sleep is much more important for health, even than diet and exercise. Why do we sleep, how do we sleep, why do we see dreams that change throughout life? These and many other questions are considered and explained in detail in the course of the book. The author believes that many diseases, which are now found much more often than before, are progressing precisely because of lack of sleep and improper sleep patterns. The author says that sleep is a kind of door that protects us and does not allow us to go crazy. And to open it prematurely or to neglect it is not worth it. The book is approved by many world-famous scientists and is considered one of the most useful and popular non-fiction books of our time.


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