Wall and Piece by Banksy


by Dilema

28 Oct 2018

Wall and Piece by Banksy is the collection of the most wanted street graffiti artist in Britain. Who is he A genius, an artist, a politician or a puppet, an activist, or just a person who is not indifferent. His work adorns residential buildings, museums, zoos, theaters and walls around the world. The author does not stop at any one topic and makes fun and shows everything that he sees himself. All that deserves publicity and irony in his opinion, is on the walls of houses. His work has repeatedly provoked scandals and international proceedings. Nuclear weapons monkeys, fitness rats, smiling cops. The author expresses his protest against wars, deception and injustice, leaving his stencils in the most unexpected places. The book got the most famous and scandalous works of Banksy, which caused a huge resonance of the authorities and print publications around the world.


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