About the dangers of opium for the people.

Attention! From the content of this book and, accordingly, reviews of it, some readers may not be childish to bomb!

The topic of religion in our country is very complex and dangerous. Especially if we are talking about the denial of this very religion and atheism, even if secular. Too sensitive and tender are the very feelings of believers. Therefore, if you are an ardent supporter of Orthodoxy, you are not recommended to read "Opium for the People" from the word "absolutely." Persons who are not so sensitive to the question of religion can read the book, and some even need it.

So, what is this work about? I would say that it’s about a business that is built on the dusting of eyes and contradicting itself. This is exactly what the religious colossus appears to the reader - trampling on its own dogmas, contradictory, deceitful and corrupt. Nikonov does not climb behind the word in his pocket and brands as soon as he can, and sarcastically, abundantly supporting the information with proofs. How to treat this - a personal matter. Personally, I share spirituality and religiosity and I treat them very differently, and the book gave me food for thought and arguments for disputes. And because I liked it.


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