The day the whale returned


by K1ro

18 Oct 2018

“The Day When the Whale Returned” by Davis Bungy is a terrific story that will make the child put the tablet on the nightstand, take off the headphones, move the keyboard away and dive into reading this amazing tale. The book is a continuation of the story “The day I met a whale” and tells about life after this amazing meeting.

Such an event as the appearance in the life of such an unusual friend, can not leave a trace in the soul of a child. And now, five years later, after saving the kitten, the main character again looks at the dark waters of the sea and dreams of a new meeting. The boy wonders why such wonderful events as the emergence of new friends in your life occur only after something bad. Does the main character really hope only for the storm in order to see his old friend again? The book is written in a very pleasant and simple language, which entails a deep history and does not allow you to postpone the book until the very end.


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