Fuji Mountain Secret


by Cai

18 Oct 2018

The novel "Secret Views of Mount Fuji" is not an exception and continues to the author’s book, a multiverse, full of irony and funny metaphors. This work touches on Pelevin's favorite themes: modern Russia and the Ancient East. This book can be called some attempt of the author to comprehend the main problem of humanity - the eternal pursuit of happiness.

And this problem, as we know, is not only the main, but also incomprehensible. The book, like the past, beloved works, is full of irony, unequivocal hints and satire. Neither the oligarchs, the Skolkovo start-ups, nor the feminist society managed to escape the author’s pen. Many well-known and topical issues and problems are described and discussed on the other hand, which not all of us think about. The book bumps into memory for a long time and makes you think about many things.


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