The story of Dilvish the Damned and his travels.


by Ragnarr

28 Jul 2018

From my point of view, Robert Zelazny has two lines of works - sound science fiction and cute, cool, intelligent fantasy tales. I refer the book about Dilvish Damned to the second category.
What can I say about this book? The work is quite worthy of its author and it will not spoil the opinion about the work of Zelazny exactly. Although the best book of this science fiction to call "Dilvish the Damned" I also can not. So, good middling. Qualitative.
The reader will travel along with the main character and his companion of an indefinite nature, Black (which is either a horse or something). Travel without special exercises and sharp plot turns, but with humor and interesting. It is also interesting how the fate and character of the main character is revealed to the reader as he wanders. However, even at the end of the book, Dilvish and Black raise many questions that hint at the continuation of the series.
The book is entertaining and its function is excellent. I advise fans of the genre, as, indeed, and other works of the author.


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