Mystical never.

You should know how I regret that I have been putting this excellent book aside for a long time. I do not know why, my attitude towards her was biased and my hands simply did not reach her. So when I did read it, I was ready to tear my hair on my head, lamenting, “You fool, why didn’t you do it before?”
It may seem that “Nikogde” is a fairy tale, but far from it. This is a strong fantasy, dark, gray and hopeless, in which a lot of frightening reality.
The main character lives a gray, routine life - rents an apartment, tries to somehow get promoted, gets on with his girlfriend. And so in a circle until the moment when the Door appears in his life. The door is the name of a mysterious stranger who is saved by the main character, and not at all what you thought. After this incident, he falls into the dark world of Lower London, which is full of dangers and adventures. In short, rushed :)
This was my first acquaintance with the books of Heiman and it left amazing impressions. I strongly advise you to "Nikogda", and she has already prepared herself for reading the "American Gods", who also promise to be hoo-so cool!


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