by Sayonara

28 Oct 2018

Cruelty among adolescents, competition for popularity among peers, hostility from a different point of view and, of course, appearance. All these problems arise before every child in any children's team, wherever he goes. The book "Wonder" reveals these problems and makes you wonder whether the rights of the crowd are always, or there are cases when one is right and the majority is mistaken. Wonder inspired a huge number of people and in the shortest time it became a bestseller that was read by more than six million people.

The story is about a boy with a defective face. About a kind and intelligent boy who, because of his peculiarity, cannot join the children's team and make friends. His only dream is to be like everyone else and, finally, to stop catching on himself the glances and taunts of his comrades. Communication problems of unusual children are the main problem faced by unusual children. But if you are such - do not become like everyone else. The protagonist argues that his peculiarity is not a vice. And you can live a full life and with such a face, being a diamond, beautiful inside, but ugly outside. It is impossible to merge with the crowd when you are born to stand out from it.

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