Home Therapy. How to restart life without leaving home


by Sayonara

18 Oct 2018

Natalya Budilova, a psychologist by training, an active Internet activist and, of course, the hostess in her own house, once inspired by the book Marie Kondo, founded the first community of fans of the Japanese method of cleaning in the Con Mari house and instantly started keeping online marathons cleaning the house unnecessary junk. And now he is submitting his own book on home improvement.

Observations of the numerous marathons conducted, psychological education and an excellent knowledge of the Feng Shui system, allowed to translate into the pages the most useful and necessary for each hostess tips and tricks. The book is written in simple and understandable language, and every piece of advice is not taken from the ceiling and is supported by relevant examples. The book can be an excellent adviser, as a young hostess, and an experienced lady life experience.


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