Dmitry Bykov is known to readers and critics as a lover of constant experiments and complex controversial topics. The exception was not the "June". Three heroes, three destinies, three different stories that are united by one epoch. The end of the 30s - the middle of the 41st year of the XX century. Time camps, repression and links. Time, which is described a little more than completely by contemporaries of those events - Solzhenitsyn and other authors. This is the time chosen by the author without a shadow of doubt of fear. And not chosen in vain.

The book can be divided into three stages. Everyone talks about his hero, his thoughts and experiences. Each character is not constant and not defined. Everyone has their own ideas and problems, and everyone cannot make a choice. Admission is certainly not new, such flour could be seen in the "Quiet Don", where the uncertainty of political views was poured into a throwing between two women. Something like we see here. The book is full of thoughts of the author on this sensitive topic, philosophizing and quite logical conclusions. The novel is a fresh look at the problems of the past and problems forever. No one will remain indifferent.


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