Over Abyss in the Rye.

"The Catcher in the Rye" is one of those works that need to be read at least for self-development and a tick a la "yes, I read." However, not only for them, for it was not just that this book became a cult one and in its time made so much noise (it was even forbidden to be given out to schoolchildren in libraries).
In short, this novel is about the period that passes for every life absolutely every person - about growing up. It seems that you are no longer a child, ready for serious actions and decisions, but the world around is such that it becomes impossible to accept it. Then you rebel, trample on canons, laugh at morality and try to find your way. And it turns out far from all.
Many consider the protagonist of the book immature. And yes, he is just like that, otherwise there would simply have been no meaning in this book. But despite his immaturity, Holden is well developed and kind, which gives his character a versatility and depth. Reading about Holden, I often recognized myself in him. And I think that practically everyone can read himself in it, because we were all doomed to stand up as adults.


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