Do not let me go


by K1ro

18 Oct 2018

Kazuo Ishiguro ventured to touch on a very controversial and scandalous topic. To many, it will seem a little more than completely immoral and anti-ethical, and only because of the chosen topic will someone refuse to read this work. In my opinion, the book, despite all the volume and inconsistency of the topic, is desirable to read very many. It opens a new anti-utopian world (or is it still utopian?), A world where clones live, which are grown as a “spare part” for the original.

The book is a diary of the main character - Catherine S. She, like her friends, lives in a boarding school. And he lives with the sole purpose - someday it will be useful and to save the life of a single person. No, there is no deception. Since childhood, children in school have been given the idea that sooner or later they will serve as a “cure”. Children like and do not mind, and even joking about it. But what it is like to realize by the age of 30 that all your friends and peers are already dead, and when your hour comes it only depends on when your original body needs to be replaced by some organ. The book makes you think about whether the face of humanity, which it can not overstep its thirst for life, or we are ready to do anything to extend our existence at least a little.


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