Move the alarm clock!

Today I want to talk about the book, which many undeservedly scolded - "Magic of the morning."
They scold for the presence of a large number of repetitions and water, ostensibly the whole book is chased by the same thesis - "Whoever gets up early, God gives to him." And although this is indeed the main point of this book, it is far from as one-sided as it is described. She really helped me to change my life for the better.

I will tell a little about the content: the book describes the concept of early awakening. The author gained hours while advising to focus on self-development and improvement of his life, plus he suggests ways to do it. The idea seemed interesting to me and I decided. I am the so-called "owl" and trying to wake up early in the morning was a very risky and difficult experiment for me. The results of which make me very happy, because thanks to the revision of my schedule I managed:

- To become healthier and slimmer at 7 kg, because I finally found the time to run;
- To become calmer, because in my life there was a morning meditation;
- Step up the career ladder, because I began to arrive at the office when there was still no one there and had time to remake all my business for dinner.

What is the role of "Magic of the Morning" in all this? - she was able to interest me, thereby motivating to translate the hand of the alarm clock. Well, the results were not long in coming. Try it!


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