Soon to school?

Very much depends on the choice of school in the subsequent life of a child. Not only the level of knowledge, but also social skills, the ability to achieve goals, obtain the necessary information, prioritize and much, much more. In fact, to think about what school our daughter will go to, my husband and I started when she and the project were not. And it seems to me that we are not the only ones - any loving parent wants the best for his child.

Today I want to advise the book to parents who, like us, are puzzled about the choice of educational methods for their children. The book tells about the experiences of Finnish schools, which are recognized as the best in the world. The main principle of the Finnish educational system is to stimulate children's independent cognitive activity and to achieve maximum involvement in the learning process by reducing stress and pressure. For some, the Finnish education system seems to be ineffective in the case of gifted children, but its results are not denied even by the most vehement opponents.
Some points in this book will be more interesting to teachers than parents. For example, the chapter on professional burnout. I believe that parents should know this kind of information, because it’s about people who will influence your child every day and shape it.

I cannot say that I agree 100 percent with everything that is written in the book. However, I highly recommend her to get acquainted with parents who are preparing to send their children to school - you will get a lot of information for reflection.


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