by K1ro

18 Oct 2018

Paulo Coelho is an author whose name every book lover knows. His next bestseller is completely different from previous works. This is definitely not a philosophical parable that was so fond of Koelho's admirers. This is a completely real story describing a certain moment in the life of the author. But that is why she is remarkable, which allows her to get to know Paulo better and understand him even better.

The book describes the events that took place since 1970. At that time, Coelho had just arrived from Brazil in Amsterdam and met an amazing hippie girl who pushed him to go on an amazing journey. The story is full of thoughts and thoughts of the author on the theme of love and life. Traveling along with the hippies, Coelho discovers a lot of new things. A society of people whose goal is to find the meaning of life and eternal love cannot help reconsidering their views on familiar things and looking at the world in a new way.


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