"Professor Dowell's Head "


In the book description this was said - one of the first science fiction novels in the USSR ?

Recently, I really like to find such “sources” and read not only the novels themselves, but also the motives for their creation. For example, when I read “Frankenstein” I had no idea what sense Mary Shelley put into the mouth of her newly darned hero. ⠀
Therefore, here is a small educational program on the “Head of Professor Dowell” Alexander Belyaev:

- this is not the only fantastic work of Belyaev, his typewriter also owns the books: “Amphibian Man”, “The Man Who Lost His Face”, “The Man Who Doesn't Sleep”, “Ariel”, “Jump to Nothing”;

- the writer wrote his novel in 1925, so if you have associations with "Dog's Heart", you know, Belyaev was the first;

- it was said that “Professor Dowell’s Head” was inspired by a note about successful experiments conducted by Dr. S.M. Bryuhonenko, who managed to keep the life of a dog’s head apart from its body. However, the novel is inspired by personal events in the life of Belyaev: he spent three years due to illness in bed when he had both legs paralyzed. In his novel of writings, he tries to convey this feeling of life "of the head separated from the body";

- HG Wells himself (author of “War of the Worlds”, the novel “The Invisible Man”) read the works of Belyaev and spoke of him with great respect.

What is told in "The Head ...": the brilliant professor Dowell once began to conduct experiments on the successful revitalization of the head separately from the body of a deceased person. Unfortunately, he did not have time to finish his studies and died of suffocation. However, his slightly less talented and slightly more vicious colleague, Professor Kern, took advantage and appropriated his discovery, revived his head and began to work on it further, giving life not only to dead heads, but also to bodies. And, of course, not everything goes smoothly and not everyone welcomes such radical methods of "treatment."

Read very advise. I was fascinated by the night, along with books such as "Frankenstein", "Fatal Eggs" and "Invisible Man".


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