by Dilema

18 Oct 2018

Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, author of the novel "Leopard", is not a professional writer. This is a typical Italian aristocrat, a representative of one of the most ancient and noble families of Sicily. But the lack of extensive experience and appropriate education did not prevent the author from creating a work that was very popular not only in his native Italy, but also in France, Great Britain and even the USA.

It seems to our eyes Italy 60s of the XIX century. Time, when it happened unification. Reading this work, an analogy with the White Guard involuntarily appears. But, nevertheless, it is impossible to call books similar. The novel is not replete with bloody and violent pictures and descriptions of fierce fighting. It does not show all the horrors of war. The story is from the usual aristocrat - Prince di Salina. He does not take a direct part in everything that happens, but everything changes around, and it is somehow necessary to adapt to this. It is the thoughts and arguments of the protagonist that make up most of the book.


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