Girl, Wash Your Face


by Dilema

18 Oct 2018

Have you ever thought that everyone has their own life, but not you? If so, then the book is for you. The author of the bestseller Rachel Hollis, in his example, tells and shows how to become a truly successful and happy woman. How to become the one you always wanted to be.

Rachel Hollins is the founder of and CEO of her own media company. Starting from the usual unremarkable site, she created a huge online community, where she exchanged tips with a lot of people and, using the example of her life, showed possible ways to the notorious happiness. In this book, Rachel, without a shadow of a doubt, reveals many of her secrets and shows that no one but us can make us happy. The author breaks down the main stereotypes that keep us and do not allow us to do what we really want, fearing public opinion and condemnation, showing and proving that most of them have absolutely no meaning on the path to their own happiness.


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