"Monk" (Dydro)

"Nun" - one of the works of classical French literature, released from the pen of the philosopher and educator Denis Diderot. This story raises the problems of society, characteristic of that time, and is an excellent example of anti-religious propaganda, exposing the corrupted and immoral life of monasteries.

The narration is in the form of a letter to a simple nun to a high-ranking church minister, from whom she seeks salvation from vicious events taking place in the monastery. The heroine was forced to take the tonsure by force and literally imprisoned in a monastery, in which she, a fairly pure and immaculate person, faced violence, cruelty, squabbling. The confession of the heroine is heartbreaking, and it is difficult to call her as a "cry of the soul".

"Nun" - a classic work, but for classical literature is quite easy. It is interesting to read it, and sometimes it is even funny - how pretentiously sublime and at the same time the language of the author is sweet. I recommend reading in two cases: for general development and if you are interested in the morals and manners of times gone by.


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