“I, you, he, she and other perverts. On the instincts we are ashamed of. ”Jesse Bering

I read a book by Jesse Bering “I, you, he, she and other perverts. About instincts, which we are ashamed of "and I want to say the following. To quote something from it is too frank. This reading is generally for people with strong nerves and a high threshold of disgust (at the same time and excitement, just in case). But the described many deviations surprise too much. It turns out that people can literally be literally everything.

There are still quite a few insights into history, there are studies and many examples of everything that you cannot even imagine. The most interesting thing is when the brain resists the rationality of reasoning about different -philias (deviations), and then agrees with a reasonable argument, although it is very far from accepting all this.

But in one, the author is right - “our new value system should be composed of bricks and mortar of proven scientific facts, and the fundamental truth should be that the sexual orientation is not chosen.”


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