My impressions of the "girl in the train."


by DolceVita

7 Aug 2018

What can be capable of three women who are not quite friendly with the head and are waiting for something from the same man? At least to create a plot for an excellent detective story!
The basis of this book is, so to speak, the story of a love square, or rather a man, his former wife, current wife and former lover. From the very beginning, such a thermonuclear composition of the main characters promises to make a more powerful explosion. Actually, it happens when one of these three women disappears without a trace.
The narration in the book is conducted on behalf of these same women, and they, I want to see, oh, how they stand each other. One drunkenly, the second wanted to spit on everything except her child, the third comes in the worst depression. Personally, none of them caused me any sympathy, however, it was interesting enough to follow their thoughts.
For the rest: the book was written simply, with sufficient attention to detail, the atmosphere is also what is necessary for the detective — nervous and friable — the plot twists and turns are intriguing. The plot is built so that you have to collect it like a puzzle. And although for me personally, I didn’t open the denouement, it was interesting for me to read The Girl on the Train. Good detective.


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