“How to talk to girls at parties” Neil Gaiman, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba

If you have never held comics in your hands and love science fiction, then buy this book immediately! She's awesome, I'm in some kind of absolutely wild delight from her. We used to read only Brazilian stories from Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba , and they left a strange impression: https://t.me/myunpublished/1570

It seems that I decided then that these are not “my” authors, and their comics will no longer be interesting to me. But here Neil Gaiman and the title itself, and the cover - all this hellishly captivated, and even the reviews were positive, and the decision to buy was not long in coming. Now this comic is in my place of honor; I want to review and reread it periodically (which rarely happens to me).

Get ready for the fact that the story itself was invented by Neil Gaiman, which means that there will be fiction and nothing is clear (most likely). Practically from the very beginning, when two friends are going to a party at an unknown address, it becomes clear that something is wrong here. One of his friends is a handsome one, who always “gets” the most beautiful girls, wherever he is, meets and runs at the party with the most beautiful girl and leaves with her to dance. By the way, the authors of the comic feel a great love for music, judging by what is listed from playing at the party, and what kind of music one of the heroes of history used to. It is he who is just a timid, shy, wedged introvert who sees in the acquaintance with girls the compelled imperfection of the world, when one must get to something interesting through hell of agony of intercourse. At that party, his communication happens, and even with three beautiful girls, but it is very strange. Dude does not understand anything, but not in a hurry to leave, until ...

But I won’t go on spoiling, although the little book itself is small, it can be read in a few minutes, but you’ll get the pleasure of drawing as if you’ve flipped through a couple of comic book encyclopedias. I strongly advise everyone for whom the visual orgasm and unresolved riddles of the world of fiction are not just words, but a desire to get strong impressions.


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