Going Postal. Letter for you.

I have such a habit, or even fear - it is incredulous about everything that is popular and famous. Music, movies and, of course, books. I can not, rush into the pool with my head just because the work is being touted and much is mentioned about it. Rather, on the contrary - I’m afraid of the books and films, and if I take the risk to read, I rate them as biased as possible. The same thing with famous authors. Terry Pratchett is on everyone's lips. The book “Respecting” or “Going Postal” itself is certainly not the bestseller of the Russian market, since it was not even officially translated into Russian, but the popularity of the author in our country is really great. I do not know what prompted me to read this particular work, because before that I read, or rather tried to read some of the other more popular works of Pratchett and, unfortunately, could not finish reading to the end. But it was this book that came into my hands. And I ... fell in love.

Terry is known for his “generosity.” While the other masters of the pen slowly and meticulously chew on us every detail and event, he puts it all in a crowd and without warning. Humor, the charisma of the characters, the number of events, all of this is so much that by the middle of the book there is a feeling of "fullness". But “Respect” is another story altogether. Here, Pratchett surpassed himself. The main character is simply impossible not to love. Despite the fact that he is a crook and his affairs are not too clean, he causes only positive emotions and makes him empathize with himself. In the course of history, it opens up with new sides and tightly attracts attention to his person. Like other works of the author, the book is filled with all sorts of events, from which sometimes the head is spinning, sparkling humor and irony. Do not forget Pratchett and about the romantic arch, which, by the way, very well fits into the plot and does not cause a feeling of rejection. Terry Pratchett's “Reckoning” - this is the kind of literature that is not classified as “liked / disliked” - it’s just a good piece that is by default.


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