“On the Internet, someone is wrong! Research of controversial issues "Asya Kazantseva

I finished reading the book by Asi Kazantseva “On the Internet, someone is wrong! Scientific studies of controversial issues ”and I want to say that this is one of the few books that are few, I don’t want to understand why they have the last page, because they don’t have to end. I quoted and told about her enough here (you can find and read by searching for the author’s name or name), I would like to summarize with the following quote-manifesto:

“There are not many things in which I believe without reference to sources, but here is one of them: I believe that the skills of searching and analyzing scientific information are necessary for everyone. I believe that the very habit of intellectual activity changes the brain in the right direction, forms neural networks with which it is much more difficult to be not only stupid, but evil or unhappy, bored or scared - simply because the world is becoming clearer, which means safer and more interesting.

A person accustomed to working independently with sources becomes less susceptible to any manipulation, be it emotional blackmail or political propaganda. A person becomes more friendly because he gets used to being interested in the diversity of the world around him. ... And finally, the constant absorption of scientific information makes a person happier, because it allows him to fully realize how amazingly interesting time he was born, to feel himself to some extent involved in scientific progress. ”

Be interested in science, promote scientific knowledge and may the force be with you!


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