by Cai

18 Oct 2018

"Immortal" - a story on an eternal topic. On the topic, about which many do not speak, it is more understandable, as in other and more pleasant, it does not become. This is a story about death, how its awareness changes people's lives, and how different people experience the news of this unpleasant, but inevitable event.

The book tells about the four children of one family, who find out that a mysterious fortune teller appears in their hometown, who can predict the exact date of death with accuracy. Naturally they are interested in this no less than they are concerned. Thirst to reveal the secret of the fortuneteller becomes much stronger than fear and caution, and they decide to go to a woman ... This is where the idle life of children ends. As it turned out, finding out a secret is not difficult, but living with the knowledge of the date of your death is noticeably more difficult. The message has different effects on everyone. Where one indulges in all serious ways, in order to taste life in full, the other gives up all his strength to extend the allotted time even for a moment.

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