You need to talk about books!

What are they talking about at book clubs? "Of course, about books" - you will think and you will be right ... almost :) After all, at the recent meeting of the CoolBeez Book Club, our experts touched on many topics - we talked about Greece and the shamans, the influence of pharmaceutical companies on the modern world and the construction of utopia, esoterica and endocrinology, as well as learning about the reason why Grimaud, the character of Alexandre Dumas, the impersonal "Three Musketeers", has suddenly turned from a silent to an amateur to talk. All these topics we raised from the books presented in the compilation below:

Magus Lovely summer novel by D. Fowles, which is simply imbued with mysticism and the spirit of the Mediterranean. We recommend it to all lovers of beautiful and intricate stories that have already missed the summer days.

Waltz of hormones: weight, sleep, sex, beauty and health as per notes. An excellent book for those who are interested in their health (especially for ladies). The book is written in a very simple and understandable language, but it also contains a lot of useful information that you can easily apply in everyday life.

Night cinema. A fascinating thriller with elements of mysticism, which is perfect for passing a couple in the evening or to brighten up a long flight. The book has written in a rather interesting format, and its plot is famously twisted and richly spiced up with many mysteries.

Guardian! Guardian! The novel begins one of the branches of Sir Terry Pratchett’s fantastic book series about the flat world and contains everything that brought the author world-wide fame - a non-trivial plot, memorable characters and simply fantastic humor.

We and 1984. Dystopias, which have become legends. Two such similar at first glance novels that hide two completely different opinions about the problems of the state and the individual.

Three from the forest. Qualitative fantasy from Yuri Nikitin, conducting the reader from the times of the Stone Age to the present day, which will give you more than one reason to laugh, think and remember the mythology.

The loneliness of the shaman. Written by a psychologist and based on real events, a book about how limitless human capabilities there are.



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