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The best bedtime story

For me, the story of the Old Man, his Sea and the Great Fish is akin to the legend of the trials that heroes of all myths had to go through in order to gain eternal glory and eternal fatigue. This is one of the finest, purest works of Hemingway, like...   Read more

This death spiral - Emily Suvada

⠀ A book with notes of cannibalism has never been so beautiful. ⠀ Emily Suvada deserved applause! "This Deadly Spiral" is one of the most beautiful and ingenious books I've ever read. Now it is difficult to find a suitable dystopia, because there are m...   Read more

Before and after - Emma Mills

Life story. What happens to the heroine throughout the book can happen to anyone. Devon is only 17 years old and she doesn’t know what she wants from life. She has no talents, she is not fond of anything, but Dev loves the book of Jane Austen very much a...   Read more


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