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Many-sided "Shantaram"

Shantaram - a book of many faces. Then you and the autobiography, and thriller, and a love affair. Probably for this reason she has so many fans, everyone finds something of their own. I can not say that I have replenished the ranks of those ladies wh...   Read more

Lord of the Flies (U.Golding)

I have not met a single person whose reading of the Lord of the Flies would have aroused positive emotions. Someone simply will not understand and appreciate the work of W. Golding (for which, by the way, he won the Nobel Prize), and someone will underst...   Read more

Rice assault of creativity.

I am a supporter of the opinion that any personality traits can be trained if desired. This is the reason why I love the literature on self-development so much - very often it gives me the tools to train certain skills. And I also really love creativity....   Read more


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