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Dr Mark Amadi

Unveiling Voice

Unveiling Voice is young Christian, but dynamic caring organisation that has service and love as its key priority. We extend our services to ANYONE in need of the services we provide. We believe that everyone is special, and as such, treat our service users with utmost respect and love. Unveiling Voice has been the home and family to people.

Unveiling Voice seeks to support and promote the production and distribution of classic Christian literature, developmental manuals, seminar, conferences and workshops for Christian ministry and individual personal development for the benefit of the public in accordance with the Christian doctrine. Our works cut across all faith groups and culture.  Being a vibrant organisation, our services includes broadcasting and publishing training teachings for personal development for all stages and categories of life, covering a wide-ranging topics such as Faith, Health management, Spirituality, Wealth management, financial and leadership management and relationships (Marriages , Singles, Divorcee, Widow and widowers)  building for public benefit.

At the heart of The Unveiling Voice lies the caring of the less privileged and homeless from the age 20 upwards  to experience better life,  education, and providing healthcare  services by linking them up with the appreciated bodies for further help. The Unveiling Voice provides hot meal for the homeless and rough-sleeper twice a week.

Our carry out our services passionately and professionally, which has produce encouraging results. We also provide counselling services and help for substance users and abusers, and society offenders get back on their feet through counselling and rehab therapy, which we have done successfully within our community. We are grateful and thankful to all that have been supporting us to fulfil our services.